SCA Oplenac- New Season 2021-2022

Our folklore program and practicing routines for all ages as well as all other programs will be adjusted to satisfy physical distancing and room capacity limitation requirements. To achieve this we will have to start this season with the "temporarily schedule" as stated below instead of the regular schedule which is on our registration forms and web site. This schedule adjustment from regular to temporarily will not affect the day in a week your folklore ensemble will practice this season but only the time, since we will under these special circumstances utilize for folklore practicing our largest rooms.

-The "in-person" registration for all activities is scheduled in Oplenac on September 11, 2021, from 10-13 h. No practices will be held on this day.
During in-person registration and later visits, child drop-in, or pick up at the Oplenac building please follow the protocol as outlined at the end of this correspondence.

-The online registration is open presently. Please print out the registration form from our website, fill it out, scan and email it to If you use this option to register, please make e-transfer fee payment by using Oplenac email,, or send the check or cash to be handed to the teacher or Board member when you come to the first practice. Dancers who paid for the first semester last season can apply that payment for the first semester of this season.

- The  folklore practices and all activities  will begin on and from  Saturday, September 18, 2021.

The "temporary schedule" effective until COVID 19 restrictions are lifted : 

Saturday ensembles ( ensembles 5,6,7,8) will have to be temporarily separated in two shifts so we could be able to execute physical distancing in the rooms.

Ensembles 7,8 (youngest children, last season practiced with teacher Ljiljana Culum and with teacher Lena Korolija) will practice  on Saturdays 9:30 am-11:30 am

Ensembles 5 and 6 (last season practiced  with teacher Milka Batak and with teachers Jovana  Vujinovic/ Jelena Zecevic) will practice on Saturdays 12-14 h

Ensemble 4( last season practiced on Tuesday with Sasa Bogunovic, 7-9 pm ) will  practice on Mondays 7 pm-9 pm 

Ensemble 3 ( last season practiced on Tuesday with Sasa Bogunovic, 7-9:30 pm ) will  practice on Tuesdays 7-9 pm

Ensemble 2/Pripremni will practice on Sundays 3:30 pm-5:30 pm ( this ensemble might start with one additional practice per week on Wednesdays at the later date)

First Ensemble /Rep Ensemble will practice on Wednesdays 7 pm-9 pm and Sundays 6 pm-8 pm

-Serbian school classes: Saturdays 2:15 pm- 3:45 pm

-Music school, orchestras, and choir will also begin this season on and from September 18, 2021 as per regular schedule.

The protocol you will be expected to follow in Oplenac until COVID 19 restrictions are lifted :

- will be sked to do Covid -19 screening before they enter the building. If they have any of symptoms from the list placed at the entrance , they shall not enter the building.
- will be asked to sanitize hands at the building entrance
- will be asked to wear non-medical masks and maintain physical distancing at the common areas of the building such are hallways and bar area
- shall avoid entering the building unless you have to drop off or pick up children who can not independently navigate their way to the practicing rooms
- shall not enter practicing rooms

- will be sked to do Covid -19 screening before they enter the building. If they have any of symptoms from the list placed at the entrance , they shall not enter the building.
-will be requested to sanitize hands upon entering the building and during breaks
-will be requested to strictly follow teacher's instructions during practicing and for the duration of the stay in the building around practices
(more detailed activity protocol/instructions dancers will receive from teachers at the first practice)

We  are excited to see you all back in Oplenac!

SCA Oplenac


Phone: 905 274 6449 *