Donations to Oplenac

Become an Oplenac donor and help us preserve and present Serbian culture and tradition in North America and world wide.
Oplenac is a Serbian-Canadian non-profit organization and 100% of profits from activities and donations are invested in the purchase of costumes, concerts and other activities aimed at maintaining Serbian culture and tradition in North America and world wide.
The by-law plunder is available on the homepage.
A large number of Oplenec members donate free work in many fields, including: kitchen work, event preparation and publication, technical assistance, distribution of promotional material, marketing, legal assistance, concerts and other events, various other activities of the companies. We are aware that many goodwill people who would like to help do not have as much time to spend on Oplenac activity as they want. Oplenac can also be financially assisted.
Three levels of donation are $ 50, $ 100 and $ 500, if you want to donate more, you can always donate if you donate more than one to a donation. For example, a $ 1,000 donation would be a quantity of two for a $ 500 donation.
Many sponsors recognize an interest in helping society. In return, their businesses are promoted on the Oplenac website, marketing material, promotions in the Oplenac building and Glas Oplenaca (Oplenac newspaper). More details about the different levels of sponsorship can be found at their or at Any company for which the Serbian population group in Canada will receive the best return is sponsored by Oplenac.
The most active form of assistance is active participation in society through full membership, which is $ 200 a year and 15 hours of volunteer work. All organs of society are elected from full councils and all major decisions are made by their votes. If you want to help, the Oplenac door is always open.
If you would like to donate or receive more information, please email

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