32 Years of Serbian folklore in GTA

There is no other organization that can match the thirty two magnificent years of stability, growth and success of Oplenac in Serbian culture not only in Canada but also around the world. It is a captivating story of generations of Oplenac performers winning world-class competitions and drawing unmatched crowds. It is also the story of the best artistic talent that can only be attracted to work at such a landmark cultural institution like Oplenac. Oplenac is the only Serbian assembly ever to be chosen to represent Canada in international dance competitions. Oplenac also received an award from the Serbian Government as the best ambassador for Serbian culture in a foreign land.
"When we moved to Canada my husband and I didn't know many people. When we heard of Oplenac we were concerned that it was a closed organization. As soon as we arrived it was completely the opposite - we were welcomed with open arms. Since joining we have made many friends that we now known for years and consider them as part of our extended family." - Aleksandra Kecman

Exclusive partnership with KOLO

Serbian National ensemble KOLO North American Exclusive partner SCA Oplenac as a leading North American cultural association and Serbian National ensemble KOLO from Belgrade had signed an agreement to jointly promote Serbian culture on North American Continent. The agreement provides for many areas of cooperation including: dancers, musicians and choreographers exchanges, joint practicing and concerts, Oplenac soloists specializing in Belgrade, Oplenac using genuine KOLO costumes, music and choreographies and many other areas of joint activates.
"Oplenac representative Ensembles were more than impressive both in Chicago and Toronto concerts I have witnessed. Oplenac is by far the best Serbian folk ensemble in Serbian Diaspora and among the best ten Serbian Ensembles including those in Serbia." - Mr. Radojica Kuzmanovic Director of Serbian national ensemble KOLO Belgrade.
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