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Serbian Folklore and Serbian Dancing in Canada

Serbian folk dancing has been a major activity in Serbian Cultural Association Oplenac since it's inception as a non-profit organization in 1987. All proceeds from the events organized by SCA Oplenac go to the preservation and presentation of Serbian culture and tradition in North America.

Folklore for all ages with a program of work adapted to emergency conditions due to a pandemic.

Folk Orchestra, Children's Orchestra, Music School, Tamburitza Orchestra, Serbian Language School, Adult Choir.

All Are Welcomed!

More information at: [email protected]

Jesen u našem sokaku




Serbian folklore
Serbian folklore dancing has been a major activity in Oplenac since it's inception. Our dancers are organized in several classes that learn the art of Serbian folk dancing depending on their age and skill level. Serbian National Ensemble KOLO from Belgrade is our exclusive partner in promoting Serbian folklore and culture in North America. "Oplenac is by far the best Serbian folk dance ensemble in Serbian Diaspora and among the best ten Serbian Ensembles including those in Serbia."- Mr. Radojica Kuzmanovic, Director of Serbian National Ensemble KOLO from Belgrade.
Rade Markovic
The rich dance and vocal traditions from Serbia are choreographed by the most reputable and the most recognized choreographers in Serbian folklore: Srboljub Ninkovic, Branko Markovic, Vladimir Herzog, Slavica Mihajlovic, Dragomir Vukovic, only to name a few. “The Oplenac representative ensemble is considered to be the second best Serbian folklore ensemble in the world, next to The Serbian national ensemble KOLO from Belgrade”. Toronto Novosti, May 2012.

Music Orchestras


The SCA "Oplenac" orchestras are the most vital and irreplaceable foundation of all of the organization's activities as music is the cornerstone for the Serbian dances and songs. Our Folk Orchestras perform with the dance ensembles and follow them to all performances and trips. The quality of the music follows the quality of the dances. This is why the combination of our music performers with the dance choreographies create a powerful statement to the audience.
The Choir of SCA Oplenac is an important and irreplaceable component of the organization's scene performances. Besides dance and orchestral arrangement, the vocal contribution of the organization's choir completes and enriches the overall impression of the performance. The President of Serbia-Montenegro acknowledged SCA Oplenac with the highest recognition for preserving the Serbian culture and reaching out to the Serbian community.

Drama School

School of Serbian Language

Drama School
The Drama School started in 2005 due to a large interest to learn the art of acting and stage performance from the younger members of the organization. The Drama School and Children Theater has become an overwhelming success with it's main goal to prepare students for: individual, collective, musical, theatrical, recitation performances, dance, mime & movement. In addition Various styles of acting, dramaturgical short form, discontinuities drama series, integration, synchronization and audio figures of speech, are taught as an integral part of the school's program.
Just after one year spent in our school your child will speak and be able to read Serbian language. Just imagine how happy your parents will be to get a letter or an email from their grandchidren, and how proud they make you feel.

Rent our facilities

About Oplenac

Our huge MDG hall can comfortably accommodate 300 guests. Smaller hall is warm and cozy, for smaller private gatherings of up to 120 guests.
Oplenac, Serbian Cultural Association of Metropolitan Toronto and Mississauga has been established in 1986, by a group of enthusiastic parents who wanted to preserve and promote Serbian Culture in their new home, Canada. Since then Serbian folklore dancing in GTA started this remarkable journey.
Oplenac schedules every season regular performance trips for all ensembles. Enjoy traveling with Oplenac to places around the world in the company of their best friends.Click HERE to see pictures from our recent trips.




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