The SCA “Oplenac” orchestras are the most vital and irreplaceable foundations of all our activities as music is a base for the Serbian dances and songs.
Our Folk Orchestra performs with the dance ensembles and follows them to all performances and trips. The quality of the music follows the quality of the dances. This is why the combination of our music performers with the dance choreographies creates a powerful statement to the audience.
The Performing Orchestra has become, in a very short time, one of the best orchestras in this area, promoting the folk, evergreen/pop and “old town” melodies. They are flexible and adaptable to all audiences’ tastes and requirements of the young or old. They are famous for their “Skadarlija” music featuring the acoustic ensemble. The Performing Orchestra plays at every SCA “Oplenac” dance and also are booked for many other performances throughout Toronto and surrounding areas.
SCA Oplenac is proud of all our talented musicians in the orchestra and encourage those who are interested to come and join us.
Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Steven Harper congratulated SCA Oplenac 25th anniversary and recognized SCA Oplenac contribution in preserving Serbian culture and heritage in Canada and around the world.

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Phone 905 -274-6449