Vladimir Spasojevic – Biography


Artistic Director: Vladimir Spasojevic, choreographer and ethnochoreologist
Born October 1961st in Valjevo, Serbia.
Engaged in the Serbian Folklore dancing since 1974. , and pedagogical work in 1979.
KUD Abrašević Valjevo: – player, soloist (1976 – 1982), supervisor (1994. – 2005) AKUD Branko Krsmanovic, Belgrade – solo player (1982 – 1984 and 1989), National Ensemble KOLO Serbia, Belgrade: – player , soloist (1984 – 1994).
Head of the National Players Ensemble KOLO Serbia, Belgrade, 1994. year.
Artistic Director AKUD Spanac, Belgrade: 1995th-1998. and 2004-2006.
Monitor players, choreographer and supervisor Eostiged ar Stangala, Quimper, France 1998th-2001.
Associate choreographer and FA Kendalc Bretagne, France 1998-2001.
Artistic Director of KUD Radičević, Zemun and KUD, Nova Pazova: 2,001th-2003.
Program director and choreographer of the International Festival CIOFF Belgrade since 2006. year.
Artistic director and choreographer of the SCA Oplenac from 2008 and we’re still very happy to have him.

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